Subscription conditions for „Gaz, Woda i Technika Sanitarna”, 2008

          Subscription orders for magazines published by SIGMA-NOT publishing agency can be made at any time and can entail any time, i.e. any number of copies of each issue.

           The subscriber will receive the ordered title with the beginning of a new month. Orders for issues published before the payment date will be realized as soon as possible if the copies are available from the store.

          Yearly subscription of the Agency’s published magazines is possible in two forms:

·        paper version,

·        packet version (paper copies of the magazine for the given year + 1 CD containing all year’s issues, sent after the end of the publishing year).

          With the steady subscription order (renewed automatically each year), the subscriber  receives 10% discount on catalogue price.

          Members of scientific and technical corporations associated within FSNT-NOT and students of technical schools of any level have the right to subscribe 1 copy of a chosen magazine at a discount price, on condition that they will send the order form (or a xerox copy of the payment slip) with the stamp of SNT organization or the school to the Agency. Discounted subscription costs 50% of the basic price.

          Subscription can be ordered by fax -  (22) 891 1374, 840 3589, 840 5949; by mail – This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; on the Internet –; by a letter – Zakład Kolportażu Wydawnictwa SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o., ul Ku Wiśle 7, 00-707 Warszawa; or by phone – (22) 840 3086, 840 3589.

          On customer’s inquiry we can send order forms with the current list of titles and the price list.

          The condition for accepting and realizing the order is to receive the bank confirmation about the payment being made by the subscriber. Such document equals to making an order. Subscription payments may be made with genarally available slips in post offices (money order) or in banks (money transfer) and the payment should be made to the following account:

          Wydawnictwo SIGMA-NOT Sp. zo.o.: ul. Ratuszowa 11, 00-950 Warszawa, skr. pocz. 1004 nr 53 1060 0076 0000 4282 1000 0012. The payment slip should have the title of the magazine, number of ordered copies, subscription period, version, subscription price and the subscriber’s address written in a clear, legible way.

          To the packet subscribers for 2019 we offer additional archive copies of 2004-20018subscribed titles on CDs (the price is 20 PLN + 22% VAT per year/set).

          Single archive copies are available in paper and electronic (since 2004) versions. Copy price according to current price list. On customer’s request we provide VAT invoices.

          Archive copies can be purchased from:

            Zakład Kolportażu Wydawnictwa SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o. (see address above)

            Klub Prasy Technicznej Wydawnictwa SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o. Warszawa, ul. Mazowiecka 12, tel.: (22) 827 4365.

         In 2019 r. price is 29,00 PLN ( 5% VAT). Yearly subscription price 348 PLN (paper version), 468,00 PLN (packet version).


Siedziba redakcji: ul. Czackiego 3/5, pok.216, 00-043 Warszawa
tel./fax 0 22 827 02 49 tel. 22 336 14 07,

Wydawnictwo SIGMA-NOT Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ratuszowa 11, 03-450 Warszawa,

Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy, KRS: 0000069968
: 524 030 35 01
Kapitał zakładowy: 752 361,80 zł 

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