Providing the unbroken employment record for the waterworks company during appearing threat of the security of the country and the need to lead states of emergency
Zbigniew Filip
Keywords: advertising, material benefits, civil defence

Ensuring the delivery of water to its contracting parties is main setting waterworks companies. During the peace all powers
had by them and centres (including the personal staff) are focused on the above task. But during the appearance of the
threat of the state security and for implementing one of states of emergency situation diametrically is subject to change,
because determined part of employees (in particular of men) he is holding mobilization allotments to military forces and
can be called up. At the same time the part of the equipment had by companies and equipments which the imposed duty of
material benefits for the defence perhaps to be handed over for military forces stayed for.
In order to avoid presented above situations management of the waterworks company (of which activity influences for
ensuring the safety of citizens) should consider the possibility of advertising the military service open from the obligation
of performing of reporting employees and the address to the self-government unit, on which area is conducting his activity
with the application for imposing material benefits on indispensable devices. Creating of Company Formations of the civil
defence which objectives of the civil protection will be carrying out, the protection is an additional component of protecting
own human resources and equipment problems for the accomplishment entrusted while leading states of emergency of
workplaces and devices of the public utility, and simultaneously will enable to leave the equipment for the use of the company
of employed employees and had.

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