Smokeless carbonaceous fuel for residential heating
Katarzyna Matuszek
Sławomir Stelmach
Keywords: residential emission, carbonaceous smokeless fuels, blue coal

The quality of air in Poland is most adversely affected by the continuous use of small-scale furnaces and boilers with
obsolete constructions and poor technical condition, primarily with manual fuel loading. The only method that ensures
immediate reduction of harmful emissions from such devices may be the use of smokeless carbonaceous fuels. If in the
process of initial fuel preparation, a certain amount of volatiles is removed from it (in a controlled manner, in properly prepared
installations), dangerous compounds will not be emitted during combustion in above mentioned heating devices.
The paper presents the results of a large research program aimed at assessing the possibility of reducing the emission of
harmful pollutants into the air through the introduction to the market of smokeless carbonaceous fuel (blue coal). Blue coal
is characterized by ash content below 10%, volatile content in the range of 4÷8%, low sulfur content (<0.5%) and high calorific
value – >27 MJ/kg. Its combustion in heating devices with outdated constructions guarantees from several to several
dozen times less emissions of pollutants than in the case of using other solid fuels (coals and biomass).

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